Know The Contents Before You Eat It!

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calories-and-total-fatStop! Before you eat your Lunchables or down the contents of your juice box, do you know what’s in there? Preservatives? A high fat content? Tons of calories? Lots of sugar? There’s an easy way to find out what you’re really
swallowing: Read the Nutrition Facts label on every manufactured-food package. The label contains detailed nutritional information about the food. But you don’t have to read all of it, says Kathy McManus, director of nutrition at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston. If you’re trying to slim down or stay healthy, skip right to these four parts of the label.


Serving Size

WHY IT’S IMPORTANT: Knowing the serving size of a food allows you to compare similar products easily. That will help you quickly choose the one that’s lower in calories and total fat, for example.

WHAT TO DO: Check the total number of servings on packages. Even small containers can contain multiple servings.


* imprecise serving sizes, such as “about 3” servings. To avoid being …

Lose The Electronics And Gain A Life!

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Lose-The-ElectronicsWhen your parents were growing up, there was probably only one kind of electronic screen in their homes–the television. Today, screens are everywhere. From big-screen TVs to pocket-sized video games, from computers to cell phones, kids are growing up in homes filled with electronics. You may count on those devices to keep you informed and entertained. But you might not have counted on the damage they can do to your vision. All those bright, flashing lights–and the squinting you do as you stare at them–could be taking a toll on your eyes.

Screen It Out

Consider the case of an 8-year-old boy recently treated by Stuart Dankner, an ophthalmologist at Johns Hopkins Medical Center in Baltimore. An ophthalmologist is a medical doctor who examines eyes and diagnoses and treats eye disease. Dankner’s patient was healthy but suffered from daily headaches.

People who need glasses sometimes get headaches, so Dankner gave the boy a vision test. His eyesight was normal. Dankner was stumped until he noticed that his young patient never …

Tolerance Is Always The Right Way

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ToleranceZainep Mahmoud, 17, isn’t the kind of person you’d think of as an outsider. She is friendly and attractive. She’s also a top-ranked student at her Washington, D.C., high school. But three years ago, shortly after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, she was snubbed by classmates. Zainep’s mother is African American, and her father, a practicing Muslim, is from Egypt. Zainep was sitting outside on a school bench when a plane flew overhead. A classmate turned to her and said, “There go your cousins. I hope they don’t do it again.” People continued making nasty remarks, including comments about her dad’s being Arab. Zainep was stunned. “Part of me is part of him. It didn’t feel good,” she said.

Suspicious Minds Whether you’re white or Asian, gay or straight, a jock or a nerd, you’ve probably been stereotyped. It is an experience that most people have had and that few like. In Zainep’s case, her peers were provoked by her background. “I felt people were prejudiced against different cultures, …

The Art Of The Apology

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Art-Of-The-ApologyThe nightmare of having to write “I’m Sorry” 1,000 times as a punishment for destructive behavior came true for three Colorado teens. The three 16-year-olds were responsible for igniting a fire that burned more than 2,000 acres in Colorado. As part of their sentences, the court required them to write letters of apology to the victims of the fire–more than 1,000 households had to evacuate.
Although most people will not experience anything that drastic, chances are that sometime you will do or say something that strains your relationship with a friend or family member. Then the only way to mend things will be to apologize. Some apologies are second nature: You bump into someone as you both arrive at the door at the same time, and “Sorry” automatically comes out. On the other hand, however, offhand comments such as “Trish really needs to update her wardrobe” can destroy a friendship. For example, suppose the comment gets back to Trish, and she refuses to speak to you. When you ask her …

Track And Field In What City?

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Track-And-FieldGabriela Szabo of Romania, the diminutive diva of middle-distance running, engaged in a nasty feud with fellow Romanian Szekely Violeta, her chief rival in the 1,500 m. And she threatened to boycott the 5,000 m because Olga Yegorova of Russia had tested positive at an earlier meet for EPO, a drug used to boost endurance, but was reinstated through a loophole. When Yegorova ran her first heat, two British athletes held up a sign reading “EPO cheats out” until security officers asked them to take it down.

Great stuff.

A few visitors were not so kind. Robert Philip of London’s Daily Telegraph called the city “Deadmonton” and poked fun at the Alberta capital’s self-proclaimed moniker, City of Champions. Thin-skinned civic boosters and some local media turned Philip into public enemy No. 1, just ahead of Edmonton Sun columnist Terry Jones, who criticized the theatrical component of the opening ceremonies. Residents just laughed it all off. “Who cares?” mechanic Ron Strobel said before taking his seat one night. “You see all …